Recently relaxed height restrictions, floor space ratios and body corporate rules coupled with vastly improved building techniques now allow you to add to and improve your apartment building.
Sales of extra apartments built may pay for the renewal of your building, and enable you to add extra lifestyle amenities.

The UNSW City Futures Research Centre identified 15% of strata schemes registered before 1990 could be feasibly redeveloped as low-rise buildings up to three storeys, and a further 33% up to 10 storeys.

Delivering high quality, specialised property development services to strata owners in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Over the past 13 years, I have managed over $25 million in development projects, helping stakeholders to leverage the untapped potential of their strata property. Within this project management role, I am able to:



Provide ideas to stakeholders on how strata property value can be created‣ Provide property potential report‣ Develop project guidelines‣ Draft plans - create the concept and give to an architect‣ Provide advice on strata law e.g. subdivision and by-laws



Contract builders, consultants and engineers, etc‣ Review contracts with builders, consultants, and engineers, then ongoing management of all contracts‣ Budget management & special levies management‣ Advise and manage processes in relation to council approval systems and costs‣ Coordinate of and liaise with all consultants (strata management, architect, structural engineers, town planners, strata lawyers)‣ Communication of relevant information from consultants to stakeholders and vice versa‣ On-site management


Quality control & defect Inspection reports‣ Ensure compliance in all areas‣ Sign-off on works completed by builders, engineers etc‣ Coordinate occupancy certificates, subdivision and creation of new titles per stakeholder‣ Building repair and maintenance. Clients choose how they wish to work with me - as little or as much as they require. I am available to manage the whole process from start to finish, or can provide assistance with specific stages of the project. Discover how utilising my unique service, as one of Sydney’s ONLY strata property development specialists, can help you unlock property potential, thereby generating capital for strata expenditures, develop the value of your asset while improving your lifestyle in the process.